Hi, I'm Tricia
The core of my work is to make people feel valued, whether that is through a thoughtful user experience, mentorship, coaching, or inclusive design. I strive to be mindful, humble and compassionate.  To be human.  I love to learn new things and try to do something meaningful everyday.  I bring passion, drive and focus to everything I do.

I am deeply interested in inclusion and diversity.  I maintain a series of portraits of the aging population to help designers create better products for baby boomers and beyond.  I am also devoted to building compassionate team culture and speak regularly on emotions in the workplace.

I have been an individual contributor, manager, coach, and lead.  I have created interfaces, practices, processes, and systems.  I have taken multiple products from inception to launch; working on cross-functional Agile teams.  I'm comfortable both digging into code and talking to c-level executives. I've worked on consumer and enterprise applications on internal teams and in an agency setting.  I've worked for some huge brands and nascent start-ups in diverse fields including finance, productivity, health and fitness.

I'm both a designer and developer and have done both for a number of years.  I love the interplay between design and development and the powerful connection that can be created by their confluence. 

I am an oenophile, ailurophile and francophile among other things.  If you would like to work on a project with me, please email me to get started.
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